Our story

After joining the packaging industry since leaving education I worked my way up from the shop floor learning all of the mechanics of the packaging processes to director level. I wanted to ensure that I knew every aspect of the profession that I had admired from such a young age.

About Us

In 1997 the company I was working for had the terrible misfortune of going into liquidation, which left me in a quandary of what to do next. Having had many kind job offers I had a big decision to make, either go and work for someone else and give them all my expertise or have a go myself. Along with my now co-director, who had travelled a similar journey, we decided to go it alone and the company Copypoll was formed.

Let no one tell you it is easy starting out, raising finance, having no credit and not knowing one end of a balance sheet to another, we found ourselves quickly having to learn. With the support of numerous customers many of which have stayed loyal to us to this day, we set off on a journey into the unknown learning as we went about owning and running our own business.

We knew we had to bring something new to the table and we felt that we had to make sure ‘we always deliver on what we had promised’. This was, and still is, what our business is built on. Our team has a great work ethic; if there is a possibility of making it happen, they will.

If you have already taken the time to read about Promo Labels you will have read that in 2011 I was approached and asked if I could help set up a manufacturing division for labels. This sounded a very adventurous prospect and a challenge I thought would complement our existing business. As both businesses grew at a considerable rate we knew it was time to combine our resources and re-brand so everyone felt as one. The ProPrint Group was launched in 2016 and Copypoll was re-branded as the ProPackaging division within the group.

Nigel Tollman, Founder and Director
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